About Us

What is a Customer Community you may ask?

It is a web-based platform that provides customers with a safe and secure meeting place to discuss different topics, brainstorm new ideas, post reviews and engage with one another about a company's products, services and brand.

What is the FNB Customer Community about?

This exciting initiative provides valued FNB Customers, like yourself, with the opportunity to voice your opinion and needs about a wide variety of topics pertaining to your Experience of FNB.

It's all about market research and your unique insights!

FNB Community Members are dedicated market research participants and do so out of their own free will, for the opportunity to contribute to the overall experience with FNB.

Your participation in this community is optional and all information shared will be used for research purposes only, should you have a query for FNB or a complaint you would like to log regarding your FNB Experience, please send an email to care@fnb.co.za so that it can be addressed accordingly.