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Before you post.. South Africa has 11 official languages and unfortunately we are not fluent in all of them. Please stick to the universal business language of English - this allows everyone in our community to be included in the conversation.

Consulta, a business insights consultancy and longstanding partner of FNB, was assigned to manage The FNB Customer Community. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you require more information about the community, or if you would simply like to ask us a question. The FNB Community has been created for the purpose of doing research, allowing a platform to co-create and discuss relevant banking topics.

For a query relating to your FNB product or service, please contact FNB directly by sending an email to care@fnb.co.za for a direct route to the FNB Complaints handling team. They are equipped to provide you with a reference number and route your complaint to the correct department to deal with it.

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FNB Customer Community
Come and join our community. Voice your opinion and meet likeminded people.
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FNB Customer Community

A quick refresh: We are an online community of FNB customers.
This is a safe and secure platform for you to share and express your opinions, brainstorm new ideas and engage with us (and one another) about FNB's experience.
We will regularly send out short surveys and invite you to participate in other research activities to find out what’s important to you.
In return for your time we’ll ensure that your voice is heard, as well as give you the chance to earn experience points and exciting achievement awards the more you participate.


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