We introduced a new way of participating in our FNB Branch Customer Community – through an online portal.

Why an online portal?

To ensure your security and to protect your privacy, we have created a secure online portal where you will find all available research activities. When a new activity becomes available, a notification will be sent to you via email to login to the portal and participate.

These four steps explain where to go from here:

Step 1: Visit our portal main screen at https://fnbcommunity.consulta.co.za

The page will look as follows.

Step 2: Login to our community portal using your email address

Password: If you have forgotten your password please make use of the “Forgot Password” button on the site.

Step 3: Complete your profile.

In order to start posting on the activity feed, we require you to complete your profile information. Please navigate to your profile to do so.

Step 4: Say hello!

Once your profile is up to date. We encourage you to introduce yourself to your fellow community members, you will earn experience points for doing so. Want to know more about the experience points? Read here.

Why are the passwords so long?

Some community member comments:

“That’s one heck of a password!”

“Will try it, but will have to write it down once I have located a big enough piece of paper!”

It’s for your protection. Simple and commonly used passwords enable intruders to easily gain access and control of your account.

We encourage you to reset your password once you have successfully logged in.