Priority Queue

You have entrusted FNB with the task of helping you to keep your hard earned money safe and secure, so why not let us help you save time as well?

In a consistent effort to deliver first class service to you, our valuable customers, we have thought of an innovative way to make your banking experience even more pleasant than ever before.

FNB is proud to bring you Priority Queue, a cutting-edge initiative which strives to significantly decrease the amount of waiting time our customers spend at branches. With Priority Queue, you will now be able to bypass queues during off-peak days when you visit an FNB branch. This means that you will be prioritized as soon as you step into the branch- imagine that (well, you don’t have to if you just stick with us)!

We know you’re probably skeptical about how this will work so let’s break it down for you…


Here are few facts and rules for using FNB’s Priority Queue service:

Your priority ticket places you third in the branch queue.
Your priority ticket does not guarantee the queuing time, as two people will still be in front of you.

Your priority ticket is booked for the day you select.
Your priority ticket is not booked for a time slot and can be redeemed anytime during branch operating hours for the day selected.

Priority tickets are available during off-peak days of the month.
Priority tickets are not available on public holidays, Saturdays and between the 28th and the 2nd of each month.

 Priority tickets can be booked for the same day.
Priority tickets can be redeemed two hours after booking the ticket online.

Priority tickets are only redeemable for the day selected.
Priority tickets will expire if not used on the day selected. Tickets cannot be used prior to or after the day selected.

All branch queues available in the branch nominated are displayed for you to select.
Some teller operating hours close earlier than the rest of the bank.

Now that we have the formalities and rules out of the way; let’s dive into the exciting stuff (the steps you would need to take in order to book your priority ticket via online banking):

Step 1: Log onto

Step 2: Select “Contact Us- Tool”.

Step 3: Select “Branch Locator”.

Step 4: Select “Show branches which allow bookings” and hit the “search” button.

Step 5: Select the branch where you would like to book your visit.

Step 6: Select “Book a branch visit”.

Step 7: Select “Reason for visit”.

Step 8: Select “Choose a date”.

Step 9: Select “Enter cell phone number” (please note the operating hours of the branch).

Step 10: Enter the captcha as seen on the screen.

Step 11: Tick the box that states that the ticket is only redeemable two hours from the time of booking.

Step 12: Select “Submit”.

Note: A confirmation screen will be displayed.

Step 13: Select “Finish”.

Note: A sms containing the details of your visit and reference number will then be sent to your phone. When you arrive at your chosen branch, go to the ticket kiosk and enter the reference number sent to you to redeem your priority ticket.

Share your thoughts with us

Now that you are armed with this game-changing information, FNB would like to urge you to use this new tool, as it was created solely for our customer’s convenience. Let us know what you think of this tool or, if you have used it, share your experience with us.