Based on an article written by the Huffingtonpost, one of the most popular aspirations in life is to become more financially stable and responsible. Overspending and overextending ourselves often comes from a place of lack and not feeling as if we have enough. It is an emotional issue as much as a material one.

Sometimes we feel as if by controlling and increasing the material volume of lives, we feel more abundant. Not only is this not true, it has the opposite effect. The more we spend our money in non-constructive ways, the worse we feel and the more we spend to feel better. Vicious cycle much?

Here are 6 tips to help you create the abundance and calm you deserve:

1. Where are you over-extending? Do an honest expense report for yourself. Where are you spending too much? Rent is a common culprit — experts say this should not be more than 20 percent of your income. Moving to a cheaper place is extremely freeing!

2. Automate your savings. This is a trick many financially savvy people know about. Before you spend a single cent — put away at least 10 percent of your income into a savings account. If you can, put all bonuses (or any expected income) into this account too. Name it something fun like “Round the world ticket” or “Dream Home” to remind you why you are socking cash away each month.

3. Limit the entertainment overdose. Eating and drinking out are often the reasons the old catch phrase was coined — “to have too much month left at the end of the money”. Only commit to things you can afford and don’t say “yes” to things just because you are invited.

4. No spending one day a week. This can be played creatively like a game! If you have a transport pass, food in the fridge, coffee in the cupboard and wifi at home — you are set. A walk outside, making lunch for your partner and Skyping a friend are all free and fun!

5. Remember less is more. Do you really need that gym membership, if you only go once a week? Look for cheaper alternatives. How much is a drop-in exercise class? Is there a free first pass? Refer to your report to see where you can cut back.

6. Give! Paradoxically, being generous makes us feel abundant and the universe rewards us by giving us more.

We hope that you can apply these tips to your life.

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