Managing your money efficiently is not an easy task to carry out, especially if you have a lot of financial obligations to fulfil. Many of us fall into the trap of overextending ourselves financially, overspending and living pay cheque-to-pay cheque without a plan for rainy days.

Living true to their values, FNB is trying to find ways to help you make better financial decisions. During the month of September, we sent out a questionnaire on the topic of “Money Management”, and how FNB can help you to do this better.

We had 1016 FNB Branch Customers from across the country participate in this research and a lively debate on our Community Portal (

We gave you a few tips and tricks to enable you to become more financially savvy but we couldn’t have predicted that we would get all the amazing responses that we got from you on this topic!

The following views were gathered from the articles we shared with you:


We also shared 10 tips to help you save on bank charges, this is what you had to say during that discussion:

3 out of 15 of our community members could not stop raving about the efficiency of FNB’s digital banking platforms. The community found the digital banking platforms to be safer, easier and more convenient to use as opposed to conventional banking methods.

The consensus in our community was that you absolutely love the savings pocket feature! Members were particularly impressed with the fact that they can save the dormant money in their accounts without any effort.

Our community members mentioned that they would like FNB to recommend products and solutions that would be of value to their current financial situations.

Now that we are armed with this knowledge on how you would like us to help you take charge of your finances, we are committed to gearing our business to help you make better financial decisions.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and participated in this research!

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